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Oh Domino’s!

In Uncategorized on February 2, 2010 at 6:33 pm

We decided to try Domino’s pizza tonight for dinner. The online ordering system is pretty good, although not 100% intuitive about some user decisions. But, it is clear that they have built-in controls to avoid important errors. For instance, if you select 1/2 cheese on your pizza, you get a pop-up explaining that only half will be covered with cheese–it’s really the toppings you select later that are truly “half.” Nice work.

The coolest thing about Domino’s online ordering system is the post-order tracking page. It’s fun, engaging and personal. (Someone named Tawny is handling my order.) Thumbs up, Domino’s! We’ll see how the new pizza is!

Domino's pizza order tracking


Send Me to the Moon, Don’t Let Me Down

In Uncategorized on October 21, 2009 at 11:23 pm

First off, let me say that I LOVE this store:  I dig their brand, their merch, and even though I don’t know them, I think I would enjoy hanging out with them.  I’m thrilled they’ve been in business for 10 years and I want them to be successful.  That’s why I’m going to pick on them for one little thing (and they are not alone in this!):  Managing data to show only what’s in stock. 

Here’s a screenshot of their nicely designed and clean site, but see the item called out?  It’s a limited edition and not in stock.  I find out when I click to go to the item detail and the “Add to Cart” button is grayed out. Ouch! It might be a fluke and luckily in this case it won’t turn me off enough so that I won’t shop there (other retailers, beware!), but it is disappointing.  It’s probably just a database fix but in your business, try to be vigilant about controlling the information and the rules around it so your customers and would-be customers don’t get bummed out on what they can’t have.

So Sad, Not in Stock

So Sad, Not in Stock